How to Renew a Project

How to Renew a Project

BEFORE you click "Renew Project" 

Double check that the information for that year's Project is correct, especially these:
  1. Status 
  2. Submitted Date
  3. Amount Requested
  4. Amount Awarded
  5. Award Start/End Dates
Remember! If you don't add Award Start/End Dates, the Project will not show up on your Awards Report.

Check your Actions.
When you click the renew Project button, everything with (including the Actions) will be copied over to the next year, moving dates forward by one year.

The default status for the new Project will be PRELIMINARY.
The default status for the Actions on the new Project will be SCHEDULED.

Delete un-needed Actions.
Re-assign staff, if needed.
 Add an Action to check for guidelines. Keep pushing the due date out until you have the updated information for the project.

How to Edit or Delete an Action
Open the Project and scroll down to the Action.
Click on the little triangle to the far right of the Action, you'll see 3 tiny dots - click those and then click edit or delete.

This sneaky little bug allows deleted projects to show up on your Deadlines page and Projects AND show up on reports.
To avoid being fooled by this little bug - try this:
Add [DELETED] (or some other indication that this is a deleted project) to the project title so you'll know to disregard.

This is a known bug and is at the top of our priority list with the next update. We appreciate your patience with our work in progress.