What to do when a Project is Declined

What to do when a Project is Declined

When a project is Declined follow these steps:


Open the Project and click EDIT.

Change the Status to Declined.


Enter the Actual Hours you spent on this project

This is good information to have on hand when the project comes along next year.

Use the Notes Section! You'll thank yourself later.
Why was the application declined? Did you talk to the funder after being declined?
Who did you speak to? 
Is there any communication from emails that you could paste here for future-you?

Response Date
When you renew the project, this field will be used to populate the field for "Expected Response Date" on next year's Project.

Once you've updated all the necessary fields, click Renew Project. 


For more detailed information on the reports in Grant Holster, see the Section in the Help Center for Reports.